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Nutritional Advice

Eating sweets is a treat that was very rare when Malcolm Stockley first started his business; after the war British people had endured great hardships and his sweets brought smiles back to the faces of many adults and children lucky enough to taste his recipes.

These days sweets are commonplace and considered everyday items in daily diets rather than a special event cherished and longed for by children of yesteryear.

Having sweets so close to hand, especially small hands, means that integrating sweets into your daily diet is an important concern as any dentist and doctor will tell you.

While the old saying has an air of truth where anything that tastes good must be bad, even more so is the fact that something that is bad for you in moderation is fine.

If you use common sense where sweets are concerned then adults and children alike can enjoy the benefits of their flavours and avoid the downside of these little gems - a good idea to help you is to buy smaller packets of sweets rather than large jars. This way you can bring them out and finish the bag without eating a kilo of sweets.

But if you must have a large jar (as we all have from time to time) then keep it in a high place out of sight to avoid little hands and greedy eyes.

Not all sweets are so bad, especially Stockleys Traditional sweets; the majority of Malcolm's recipes originated as soothers for ailments such as sore throats, fresh breath or even energy boosts - so when you are feeling run down try a barley sugar stick!

There are many benefits to these traditional sweets and where we can, we have outlined the origins and thoughts behind Malcolm's recipes for you to enjoy - so sit back and ease your mind knowing that Stockley's Sweets are prepared using traditional methods and where possible are made using no artificial colours or preservatives.

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